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Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Grand Rapids High School Students of Michigan is available to any student, business professional, and company that wants to learn Lean Six Sigma. We have spent a lot of time organizing and building programs that enable any company, school (if they decide to include a program), or individual to learn the methodology and then implement it as they wish.

Our team will provide all the resources and information necessary to ensure that the methodology is understood and used by every single one of our students. This will make your employees a valuable asset to your business or you as an individual to add value to any project or business when assigned to a team or area.

LSS has been used across many industries over the years despite having its inception in manufacturing. This is due to its flexibility and versatility and how practitioners have been adapting all structures and principles so they can be used in many different projects.

Students in high school and college should consider this because they will have more career options and opportunities. There are other benefits that can be attractive for them as well:

  • They can earn more credits.
  • They can put into practice what they have learned at school.
  • Their curriculums will be enhanced during college and job applications.
  • LSS has many career benefits that students can use to find jobs, even if they are still in high school or college.

We Are the Right Experts

We are not just a business that teaches LSS, but we also use it to improve our processes and systems. Each of our practitioners and experts understands how LSS can be used to help with personal growth and projects, which makes us capable of understanding how individuals can use it for themselves and not only in companies and institutions.

Something you must remember is that Six Sigma allows companies to quickly create a strategy. Although experts in creating and implementing strategies tend to focus on best practices, they overlook the fact that every company has its own goals and needs.

Both the personal and commercial aspects of the business are important to us. We want you to be able to adapt the method to suit everyone’s goals and needs. This is how you will be able to achieve the result you want in any project.

Our experts will teach you everything through our services and ensure you know how to use Sigma, don’t miss any essential concepts, and that terminology is clear. Of course, we won’t forget the essential skills you must develop and improve.

All of the above can be achieved with our services:

  • Yellow Belt Training.
  • Green Belt Training.
  • Certification in LSS based on the training you completed.
  • Leadership Excellence.
  • Innovation Consulting.

We are available to answer questions regarding Six Sigma and provide additional assistance.

Contact our team to get all the information you need. Each member will be happy to answer your questions and work with your schedule to ensure that you are happy with the time and classes and also results, training, and benefits.