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Lean Six Sigma Businesses-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Grand Rapids

Lean Six Sigma started in manufacturing so companies could improve their processes and obtain better products, achieve continuous improvement, and satisfy customers. However, in recent years, it has been used by practitioners in many more industries, including healthcare, finance, and education. Since its inception in America in the 1980s, LSS has been steadily growing. We are happy to see this as we at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Grand Rapids High School Students of Michigan believe it has great potential to be implemented in other industries; in fact, we know it, and this opens doors to all students and professionals who want to learn or get trained in LSS already.

It is normal to be uncertain of what to do or how you can use LSS to improve your professional and personal lives. But LSS wouldn’t be as popular if it didn’t work on a large scale nowadays as methodologies based on manufacturing industries and similar ones are often learned by those involved in them. Nevertheless, Sigma is different.

First, let’s establish that LSS is a combination of 6 Sigma and Lean, but it is more of a better version of the original methods because it incorporates both 6 Sigma and Lean’s principles, structures, and goals and still adds more principles that aim for more improvement and better ways to achieve it.

LSS’s principles, goals, and ideas are also influenced by Japanese ideas, such as Kaizen, which was its main competitor back in the 80s when Japanese companies implemented it to achieve better results in manufacturing.

Six Sigma and Lean are vital aspects of the industry that many people fail to understand and often ignore. They consider LSS to be a simple combination that doesn’t make the other two require any attention. 

However, these little details are important if you want to learn more about LSS and how it has changed over time, plus try to implement or learn it yourself.

Learning About LSS: Lean & Six Sigma

To make sure we know how LSS works and have a better image of the industry, let’s begin by understanding Lean. This unique approach has seen its greatest success during the dawn of industrialization since it improves every process by reducing waste while focusing on what is important in terms of processes and steps taken by those involved in the procedures.

Businesses have been using Lean principles since the 40s to improve productivity, meet customer demand, and improve their bottom line while being able to work around better decision-making.

Six Sigma is also focused on waste reduction and continuous improvement, but it tries to achieve it by aiming to identify problems and find solutions, so controlling processes will guarantee both positive results and objectives.

Part of making this possible is how its DMAIC structure, which helps to identify and measure all problems and analyze them to improve and control each element, helps during LSS implementation.

Six Sigma can improve manufacturing but can also be used to enhance any aspect of a project. As long as the basic structure remains intact, it can be used in all types and companies nowadays.

Now, to keep it simple, LSS is indeed a combination of both but only involves the main principles and structures and makes sure that all practitioners learn how to deal with large- and small-scale projects based on the company’s, employer’s, or their own needs.

Why Do People Want to Access Lean Six Sigma Training?

Ask yourself this question: How does the methodology work in different industries, and why is it expanding beyond manufacturing? We believe this is more accurate than the previous question, as the first will be answered alone.

But to give you a direct answer, companies and individuals alike seek training to increase their competitiveness in all industries. The DMAIC structure, in particular, is a good example.

It works as long as the company’s goals and needs are considered, and it is even possible to implement it in your own ideas, processes, and projects as long as you understand LSS from head to foot.

It’s all about adaptation. As long as practitioners are certified and trained, there shouldn’t be a problem for them to know what to do to adapt the methodology to a company’s or person’s goals. In this process, those trained also develop new skills valuable for more job opportunities.

Leadership Excellence-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Grand Rapids

Our company supports all individuals, students, and companies who are interested in LSS training to help them be part of the industry and reap the benefits that every American business is beginning to enjoy:

  • Continuous growth.
  • Competitiveness.
  • Expansion.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Increase revenue.

Individuals get benefits such as the ones mentioned above but also the opportunity to learn new skills like leadership and decision-making. They also add value to their curriculums, which can be a great asset to any company they choose to work for.

On another note, we assure you LSS is growing as more industries, such as healthcare, education, finances, hospitality, and more, are implementing it and getting outstanding results in revenues and how they reduced costs.

Just make sure to contact us at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Grand Rapids, and we will offer you more information and training.