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Systemic Innovation Consulting-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Grand Rapids

LSS is our main focus. However, at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Grand Rapids High School Students of Michigan and the years we have been working with the methodology around companies, students, and institutions, we have noticed something crucial: innovation and the fact that most of them don’t know how to deal with it. Thus, we decided to offer Innovation Consulting and Workshops so any individual or organization in need can understand what it takes to be innovative and reach the top when coming up with new products, services, or ideas in general, while also understanding something simple: innovation also involves “old” stuff.

No matter your age, businesses will consider you an integral part of their business if you are able to invent and keep them at the top. We believe innovation is often overlooked, and students should seek workshops and other sessions to help them develop this skill.

Companies are always looking for people who have the ability to invent since it is not only hard to come up with new ideas but also a real challenge to innovate around existing products and services; what they need is a “little push” to work and be better.

For students at college, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas as they feel their peers are getting all the good ones because this is another difference: a good idea is not the same as an innovative AND good one.

Our innovation consultants are business professionals who can help you navigate the process of understanding what this all entails and how you can go beyond your peers and competitors.

If you get stuck, they will help you. They will guide you in managing your time and finances so that there are no unexpected losses as well.

We offer consulting, training, and certifications. We are able to organize workshops for professionals, students, and employees. Individuals can also request our services, as there are no minimum numbers to attend our workshops, which means you don’t need to bring a group from your workplace or school to get a hold of our experts.

Our Innovation Consulting & Workshops at Their Best

We will help you identify the key issues that are preventing your creativity and innovation. This will help you gain a better understanding of the market, what you are doing wrong, and how you can build the right mindset for the project at hand and future ones. 

You should contact us if you need help with any of this—or maybe you just need some guidance to keep going in the right direction—:

  • You might not find your new product/service as attractive as you thought when you test it with others. We help you discover why!
  • How does it feel to create a great product? Are you a complete novice? You can learn how to invent new ideas and products for the market with our consultants.
  • Management and structuring concepts. We will help you understand how to manage and create innovative structures while also working around existing elements.
  • We want to help you manage your finances and operations effectively to minimize losses and maximize your results. 
  • This workshop or consultation session will help you think clearly and show you how to clear your mind to have an innovative mindset.

Our team at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Grand Rapids will assist you in analyzing your past failures and teaching you how you can improve, minimize losses, optimize finances, maximize profits, and do all of the above—everything at once if needed.

Our experts will evaluate your requirements and innovation goals. We will also solve your problems if you bring them up.

A guideline will be provided to help you set the standard and understand why innovation is important to you and everyone else.

How to Access Our Workshops

After attending one of our workshops or classes, you will be able to clearly understand your problem and how to implement the innovation model for better results.

Our team won’t leave you hanging once we’re done. Instead, we will conduct a final audit and offer recommendations. We want to help you understand the steps that you should take to ensure your success with your ideas, products, and future.

All it takes to have access to our service is a call, email, or fill out our contact form so our team can get back to you.

We can help you schedule your workshop, consultation, or session so that it is convenient for you. And rest assured, our goal is to develop your innovative mind, not to offer a short-term solution only.